Our own Greg Stewart sits down with industry executive Russ Cofano on the current state of home buying, and making it better.

Let’s be real. It’s 2019, and thanks to technology, it’s now fast and easy to do just about everything in our lives — TV and music streaming, furniture shopping, even doctors appointments. But the process of buying a home is still so confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. Frankly, we’re over the old ways of home buying. And that’s why at Bungalo, we’ve made it our mission to streamline every step of the  home buying process, and deliver quality move-in ready homes without the hassle.

In today’s housing industry, we’ve seen the iBuyer (a company that uses technology to put an offer on your home), but what about the iSeller? What does this look like? Bungalo COO Greg Stewart sat down with Russ Cofano for his new podcast, “Gradually…then Suddenly!,” where they discussed how  Bungalo is making big strides in re-imagining how we buy homes. Check out the podcast above and listen to Cofano’s latest episode, “The Billion Dollar iSeller That Nobody Knows (Yet),” to learn more.

Bungalo’s online platform guides you through every step of the home buying process, from home search, to easy home tours, all the way to Closing Day. Learn how it works

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