If your idea of home wouldn’t be complete without live concerts under the stars, Texas Longhorns grazing in open pastures and friendly neighborhoods left and right, grab those moving boxes — you’ll love living in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

From art and culture to local cuisine (don’t forget the barbeque sauce), Dallas has something for everyone. It also has real estate just waiting for the perfect house-hunter to come along. Before you break out the bubble wrap, though, there are a few things to brush up on so you can be sure you’re finding your dream home in Dallas.

The Dallas real estate market

Before buying a property anywhere, it’s important to know what the housing market looks like in your target area.

According to local news station WFAA, the average home price for new properties in Dallas is $414,290. This is just over the national average, which, according to Statista, sits at $408,800. In Texas, like in states all over the country, prices are increasing due to low inventory and high rates of home buying — which means the Dallas real estate market is, to use the colloquial term, on fire.

The good news is that, with your heart set on calling Dallas home, fierce competition in the housing market doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Instead, check out exciting listings on Bungalo® to start searching for a home without all the stress.

Dallas areas and nearby cities

Ready to begin the home buying process in the Dallas area? Here are a few things you should know about your new town before you become a Dallas home buyer — and which places you might like to be within driving distance of.


Downtown Dallas

Looking for big-city excitement with a small-town feel? Downtown is the place to be. Full of museums, gardens, parks, the Dallas World Aquarium and even a farmer’s market running since 1941, Visit Dallas says the downtown area is full of adventure — and friendly faces, too. When you’ve run out of steam, you’ll have plenty of dining options, from Italian cuisine to famous Texas barbeque, and you can even fit in some shopping before it’s time to head home.

Deep Ellum

U.S. News & World Report calls Deep Ellum “one of Dallas’ trendiest neighborhoods” — but you’ll have to come decide that for yourself. From personalized cocktails to graffiti-style murals, this neon-lit area might just be the best place to experience Texas nightlife. Don’t forget to check out the nightclubs, bars and live music venues while exploring the district that, according to Visit Dallas, was once just warehouses.

Highland Park

If you want to bring home a piece of Dallas, but you want to do it in a designer bag, look no further than Highland Park. According to U.S. News & World Report, this “ritzy” district is your one-stop luxury destination, catering to all of your shopping and dining daydreams. It’s also, the source explains, home to some of Dallas’ most expensive housing — so bring a camera if you want design ideas for your own little piece of Texas paradise.

Design District

In Dallas’ Design District, you’ll find old and new elements side by side. Visit Dallas describes an area full of art, from antique shops to high-end galleries, all lining the streets together. And it’s not just trinkets and home decor you’ll find here — the Design District has “designer” food, too. Here, you can try cuisine that is as authentic as it is artistic, fully immersing you in the district’s unique personality.

Fort Worth

According to Visit Fort Worth, this area about 30 miles from Dallas is “the City of Cowboys and Culture.” It has its own downtown and cultural districts, stockyards designed to be reminiscent of your favorite western movie and even an outdoor recreation area called Panther Island. If you’re visiting Dallas and looking to buy a home in the area, you won’t want to miss Fort Worth.


This area, positioned between Dallas and Fort Worth, is not to be missed. According to the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, Arlington is full of opportunities to enjoy sporting events, live music, a vibrant history featuring Bonnie and Clyde (among others) and even an amusement park. Tourists and locals alike will have plenty to do here — and prospective Dallas homebuyers can experience and learn about Texas culture 24/7.

Strategies for buying a home in Dallas

Finding your dream house

The Dallas Fort Worth area is bursting with opportunities to find your dream home at an affordable price. Here are a few areas you may want to check out:


If you’re looking for a little piece of Texas paradise, look no further than Mesquite. Combining the best of nature, art, history and modern entertainment, Visit Mesquite calls the city a “vibrant community.” It’s also known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas — so if you like cowboy boots and good old southern charm, this might just be the place for you.


According to Visit Garland, this is the spot to be if you’re looking for community events. From “Teach a Child to Fish Day” to Garland Summer Musicals, you may start to feel at home as soon as you step foot inside city limits.


The beat will go on in Irving.” That’s what Visit Irving has to say about this music hub of the Dallas Fort Worth area — so if your heart beats to the sound of a drum (or a guitar, or just about any other musical instrument) then you’ll want to explore Irving, where live music is everywhere,

Quick homebuying tips

You have a few options when it comes to buying a house in Dallas, including working with a real estate agent or going in alone.

Whatever you decide, your goal is to be a savvy buyer: simplify the entire process, minimize the closing cost and end up with a manageable mortgage. To do that, you may consider using an all-in-one platform to handle all your buying, closing and financing tasks.

Also remember that you don’t want to buy a house that will cost you thousands in repairs and maintenance just a few months or years down the road. Instead, trust Bungalo home certifications that come with thorough inspections and even a free one-year home warranty — that way, the only thing you’ll have to worry about when you walk through your new front door is where your couch will look best.

Come home to Dallas

If you’re ready to breathe in that fresh Texas air and start an adventure in a brand new city, it’s time to come home to Dallas. You have homebuying options across the area, including Arlington, Fort Worth, and towns in Dallas County like Mesquite or Irving. With plenty to see, do and experience — not to mention all the great food and exciting shopping experiences — you’ll never want to leave.

To simplify the buying process and end up in that nice, affordable area you’ve always dreamed of, start searching Bungalo listings today.

This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, real estate, insurance, or investment advice. Bungalo always encourages you to reach out to an advisor regarding your own situation.

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