How a busy modern couple breezed through every step of their first home purchase like total pros.

As a young married couple, Sarah and Zaid were craving an upgrade from the cramped apartment life (and their cramped kitchen). Instead of paying high rent for a small space, they wanted to invest their hard-earned money toward a nicely renovated home they could call their own. They wanted an open layout where friends and family could easily hang out, a backyard built for entertaining, and a renovated kitchen where Sarah could take recipes for her healthy food website to the next level. 

But since Sarah and Zaid were first-timers, the road ahead of buying a home — and then owning one — looked unclear, and filled with obstacles and uncertainty. “We didn’t know what to look for,” says Sarah. “You hear all these stories about… you’re going to go live in your first house and have to deal with all these problems,” says Zaid. “And we’re like… alright, so what do we do?” 

Well, as fate would have it, one impromptu home tour was about to bring all the puzzle pieces together.

A home tour that changed the game. 

Sarah and Zaid kicked off their home search by browsing homes online and working with their real estate agent to scope out MLS listings. But when they started touring houses in person, the inconveniences started to pile up. 

“We tried to schedule appointments… it’s after work, we’re taking time out, we’re moving dinner aside and plans to go do it… and sometimes people would cancel,” says Sarah. When the appointments did pan out, Sarah and Zaid never really got the time they needed to get a good feel of the home. “We had 15 minutes to view one home. We didn’t really have time to envision ourselves in it,” says Sarah. After all that, it’s safe to say Sarah and Zaid were tired of touring on someone else’s schedule. And then one night after work, while they were in the area for a home tour appointment with their agent, Sarah and Zaid spotted a Bungalo ‘For Sale’ sign from the car. “We were excited when we saw that we could go in right then and there even though it was getting close to 7pm,” says Sarah. “I really liked the fact that, with Bungalo, you could tour on your own time. With our schedules that was really convenient… and necessary.”

I really liked the fact that, with Bungalo, you could tour on your own time. With our schedules that was really convenient…and necessary.

Until this point, Sarah and Zaid had found themselves sacrificing big items on their wishlist like an open kitchen. But that all changed when they toured their Bungalo home for the first time. “We walked in here and it started to check off all the things we were starting to give up,” says Sarah. “It’s all renovated. Everything was new and redone. We loved all the touches.” And with our inspection reports ready to view right there in the house, Sarah and Zaid knew exactly what they were looking at. “That was one thing that was really helpful for us with the 3rd party inspection,” says Sarah. “If there was something that they had mentioned, we were able to look and see… was that actually fixed… and have it right in front of us instead of having it hidden.”

Cruising through closing day. 

After touring, Sarah and Zaid were sure they found a home they could be confident in, so the next day, they made a first-come, first-served offer at Bungalo’s set price. “Once we were putting the offer in I was jumping up and down in that kitchen. I was so excited,” says Sarah. According to the couple, the Bungalo offer process went off way easier than expected. “A lot of the other homes we looked at… it was a guessing game.

Let’s get you to closing day. Manage the entire closing process like a pro with Bungalo’s digital closing checklist.

I loved that it was transparent and constant communication. We knew we were going to have a sure bet here.”

The closing process was surprisingly straightforward too. “We started the process at the Bungalo website and we basically went through the steps. It was…easy,” says Zaid. Using Bungalo’s online closing checklist, Sarah and Zaid were able to knock out one step of the closing process after another, no problem. “It was really cool to be able to track the status of it.” says Sarah. “To know we’re one step closer to closing and we’re on the right track and this is the due date for each item… that was really convenient.”

Only one thing left to do. Celebrate! 

The day their movers came, Sarah and Zaid popped open a bottle of champagne in their Bungalo home to celebrate. Now, Sarah and Zaid are all moved in, unpacked, and enjoying their new home to its fullest potential. Sarah’s favorite feature is the renovated kitchen. “I love having space. Everything has a place. It’s just so open,” says Sarah. “I run a Keto website on the side. I focus on low-carb recipes and healthy eating, and this kitchen allows me to not only plate things beautifully…but it’s also inspired a lot more options for cooking.” Zaid loves that their home has a great backyard for entertaining friends and a private gaming room for him, but his FAVORITE feature just happens to be the kitchen as well. Why? “Because I get to try my wife’s great food!” says Zaid. Welcome home, you two. 

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