So you’re looking to buy a home. Surely everyone you know—from your banker to your co-worker’s second cousin who’s in the construction business—has warned you about the trials you are in for: time-consuming house tours, complicated negotiations, potential hidden structural problems and stressful bidding wars. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard?
I recently visited a friend’s new place in a Brooklyn brownstone. At first glance, the apartment seemed beautifully updated. A sleek, modern bathroom abutted a kitchen full of new stainless-steel appliances. But my initial impression was soon shattered. Looking closely, the bathroom cabinetry was made of untreated pine and was already starting to warp. The
At Bungalo, it’s our goal to take the frustration out of home-buying. We’re bringing much-needed transparency and simplicity to the process by putting every step—from tour to close—under one roof. But there’s one thing we can’t wholly reimagine about the real estate industry: the jargon. From your first meeting with an agent to the moment