Buying a house is one of the biggest leaps you’ll take in your lifetime. And financially, that leap can feel giant. But with the large sum comes a home: A place that’s all yours, a place where your hopes and dreams are finally realized, and a sense of ease no price tag can take away.
Ah, spring has sprung! And along with the flowers blossoming and birds chirping comes something a little bit more harrowing: Tax Day. Tax Day means something different to homeowners than it does to renters and we’re here to break down all the unnecessarily complicated jargon to help you understand exactly what taxes you’ll need to
So you’re looking to buy a home. Surely everyone you know—from your banker to your co-worker’s second cousin who’s in the construction business—has warned you about the trials you are in for: time-consuming house tours, complicated negotiations, potential hidden structural problems and stressful bidding wars. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard?
I recently visited a friend’s new place in a Brooklyn brownstone. At first glance, the apartment seemed beautifully updated. A sleek, modern bathroom abutted a kitchen full of new stainless-steel appliances. But my initial impression was soon shattered. Looking closely, the bathroom cabinetry was made of untreated pine and was already starting to warp. The
When my husband and I bought our home—love at first sight—it felt like the end of a hard-won battle, a sensation familiar to many house-hunters. We’d toured over 100 properties over an enormous geographic area, politely traipsing through every room even at places we knew weren’t for us, making awkward conversations with homeowners and realtors
Even after watching our fair share of home renovation shows, some of us still have trouble hanging pictures on the wall. So, naturally, buying a house that requires a lot of work is a non-starter. For those of us who don’t have the skills, the vision or, let’s be honest, the time to go full-on
Buying a home is hands-down the most important purchase you’ll ever make. Shouldn’t it come with the same stress-free guarantees as every other purchase in the digital age? It does now, thanks to Bungalo, a home buying site that has the real estate industry buzzing.  The days of buying a house—entirely online—have arrived. — The